Born in Ecuador, Gabriela’s unique eye for the beautiful has taken her around the world and provided opportunities for her work to be showcased on the global stage.

Gabriela studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the Metropolitan Institute of Design in Quito, Ecuador. After graduating in 2009, Gabriela continued her education with several courses in Tokyo, Japan. These courses focused on creating illustrations for children’s books, and allowed Gabriela the opportunity to work closely with writers as well.

After returning to Ecuador from Japan, Gabriela began her design career at two publishing houses. The first, Zonacuario, allowed Gabriela to work on a children’s magazine, Elé, as a designer and illustrator. After a few years with them, she transitioned to another publisher, Manthra, where Gabriela was the lead illustrator and project manager. In addition to those titles, she also was the primary coordinator for the illustration department.

During this time, Gabriela realized she wanted to progress further and deeper into her art and combine her illustrative talents with new opportunities. Some believe that print mediums are declining and the future will be all digital. Despite the fact this is not true, it was a beneficial career and creative move for Gabriela to extend her experience in the digital illustration world.

Working with Vertigo, a television and advertising production studio, allowed Gabriela to further refine her illustration skills while also engaging in concept art and costume design. She worked as the lead illustrator, giving her the opportunity to work on some of their top projects across the board.

In 2013, Gabriela took a huge leap of faith and launched Vikiut, the first female owned illustration studio in Quito, Ecuador. Her studio specializes in providing communication solutions for publishing, advertising and television. Her innovative approach never compromises on quality or practical solutions for her clients.

Gabriela has extensive experience in the art world. She has completed global projects including murals, authored and illustrated books, lectures, participated in major and group exhibits and has been featured in major magazines including Diners and Soho.

Her well-crafted designs provide complementary value for Revolutionary Projects’ clients. Gabriela also manages the post-production digital components through creating motion graphics. She manages illustrations and the creative side of projects, including creation of complementary marketing collateral to support any videos Revolutionary Projects creates.

In her spare time, Gabriela works on developing her fresh style inspired by the Andean folk culture of the world to create patterns, clothing alterations, illustrations, paintings, and other art installations.